Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blame the Apron

A while ago, while talking about the Amy Karol book called Bend-the-rules Sewing, I made an apron out of some fabric from the Elsie's Kitchen line. I liked the fabric so much, I went looking for some more and ended up making an assortment of kitchen stuff. The placemats and tea towels are sale items from Kohl's that I embellished with the fabric bits. The napkins are in the additional fabric I bought. The two oven mitts are inter-lined with Insul-brite which is like an aluminized batting produced for hot pads and such. I was concerned about the inter-lining really keeping the heat away but after a test, it really works. I now have a totally coordinated set of kitchen accessories - I guess I will finally have to take down the yucky wine themed wallpaper and paint those kitchen walls to match the fabric. How June Cleaver of me!
And for those of you who are now laughing at me - blame the apron for setting me off on this new crusade.


mamalife said...

Very nice... I'm envisioning sunny lemony yellow walls!

Bristolcare said...

Where do you find the time. Wish I was on your Christmas list!! LOL