Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saturday Sharing

I know its Sunday already but I was a little too out of it yesterday to post anything. Saturday, however, was a pretty great day. Although I missed the meeting of my American Sewing Guild neighborhood group, due to a longer than expected nap in the morning, I still had the opportunity during the day to visit a great little quilt store's sidewalk sale and to attend a sew-in for for a charity project.

First the sidewalk sale. Sun Flower Quilts in Houston had a sidewalk sale that was pretty good for such a small store. They had tables of fabric scraps, home dec items, kits (or pieces of them) and a bunch of books. I scored right away with some lovely fabric for the sew-in later that day (will post pictures when I complete them), three Christmas stockings made my Jill the store owner, a tin thing for my bedroom wall and a book on making sock monkey toys. The stockings are huge and I intend them for angel tree gifts this coming holiday season. Here's a picture:

They were only $5.00 each and should hold a lot of stuff for some lucky gir or boy this winter. On the other hand there are three dogs in the family so maybe I'll stuff the stockings for the dogs. With my luck the dogs will be more interested in ripping the stocking apart rather than playing with the goodies inside. I'm going to have to mull this one over before giving them away.

The charity sew-in was for the American Sewing Guid conference in Sacrmento this summer. I decided not to go this year as most of the classes and seminars seemed a little stale to me. Also, the most interesting ones sold out in about a NY minute. Anyway, when ASG comes to town for a conference it commits to making a contribution to a local charity. Previous donations have been adult bibs, children's quilts, and layette sets. This year the project is to make hospital gowns for children at a Sacremento Shriners hospital. There has been a lot of negative buzz about the patterns that had been provided for us to use so the local chapter re-worked one for a gown, in three sizes, that closes down the back. The shoulders can also be open for tieing together when worn. I went to the sew-in, not to sew, but to cut out fabric for about a dozen gowns using the local pattern and some of my stash fabric. Not being a pastel kind of person I used stash fabrics with bold colors, like black with pink Laurel Birch cats and a bright golden yellow with pink motifs. I intend to make them up as the local pattern requires but I would also like to add pockets to them as shown in the original patterns. What kid wouldn't want a pocket to hold their goodies? I hope to get them done this week and will post pictures when completed.
While at the sew-in, a man came by with the contents of his mother's sewing room. Not everything, as there were things he did keep, but a lot of stash fabrics, thread, a quilting frame, two yo-yo quilts and a couple of scrappy quitls. The Guild will sell or donate most of the items and some of them were immeadiately snapped up for a trip a member is taking to Mexico to teach women to quilt. The frame will ceratinly come in handy and she also took a lot of 100% cotton fabrcs for making quilts. One bonus was that there were 4 pairs of socks suitable for making sock monkeys to go with the book I had picked up earlier at the quilt store. I did snap those up right away.

And, just to make Sunday perfect here are pictures of my son's dogs taking an afternoon nap.

This is Kelis on the zebra striped doggy bed.
She is only about 9 pounds and a real honey of a dog. Kelis demands your attention by sitting on your chest and engaging in staring contests.

This is Kemora and she is about 16 pounds. She and Kelis are sisters but totally different from each other. While Kelis demands, Kemora begs for attention. Her method is to climb up on you and drape herself anywhere she thinks will get her lots of attention. One of her favorite places is to drape herself around your neck. When I am drving she likes to sit on the arm rest in the center of the front seat and rest her head on my shoulder so she can see out the front window of the car.
No pictures of Alex as I can't get him unglued from my hip. Have a good week.

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Marisa said...

Your stockings are really HUGE and cool. I'm designing some for our family, and thinking maybe my pattern is too small now that I see what you're doing. Cool!