Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Good News, Bad News, Good News

First a bit of good news. I went to the ENT yesterday so she could look at my vocal cords. She said they looked good and were healing nicely. She then reassured me that the stuff she removed was not cancerous but that I would need to be a lot more careful of what I put in my mouth. No alcohol, no spicy foods, no smoking and no acidic foods for at least 6 more weeks. All in all pretty good news.

Bad news is that my workhorse serger, that has never failed me no matter what I have thrown under the presser foot, gave up the ghost today. A litle metal rod fell out of the needle assembly and the whole thing jammed up. I was using it to finish the seams on the hospital gowns that ASG is donating to the Shriners later this summer. I hope they can fix it quickly because the thought of doing true french seams on these gowns would extend the sewing time by at least a week ot two.

Good news... well actually funny news. After I dropped off my serger I stopped by the JoAnns next door. I only needed to pick up some twill tape but I cruised the sales as well. I came across a set of nesting fabric containers with the following labels embroidered on them - stuff, junk, misc. and etc. I had to get them as they so clearly reflect much of my sewing room clutter. I couldn't find them on-line so they may not available everywhere but I may have to go back to my local store as my sewing room is not the only place that could use these containers.

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Bristolcare said...

Good to hear your vocal cords are getting better. Don't over do it using the voice though.
Love the labeling system. Sounds like something I could use! lol