Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pillowcase Sun Dresses - Instructions

Here are the instructions for the cutest sundresses for your little ones this summer - even more perfect today with all the heat in the Northeast. Thank you Marguerite!!

PILLOWCASE SUN DRESS1 by Marguerite Corbello


1. A washed and pressed pillowcase. (I bought mine at a thrift store.)
2. 12-14 inches of 1/2-inch elastic for the neck edge. (I used 12" for a size 2T)
3. Double fold bias tape to match pillowcase. (I like the wide bias tape but have used both sizes.)
4. Matching thread and trims to coordinate. (You need trims if your pillowcase is plain.)


The following measurements will help you get the right size for your little girl. This is the length of the dress. Measure from the hemmed edge of the pillowcase up to the top and mark across from side-to-side.

6 months 15 "
12 months 17 "
18 months 18"
2T 19"
3T 20"
4T 21"


Cut the pillowcase at the marks. I used a rotary cutter and cut through both layers of the pillowcase. This cut edge will be the top of the dress. Leave the hemmed end alone. You can add trims at the hem at any time during the process.

Cut out an armhole on each side according to the following directions. Fold the pillowcase in half and cut once so that they are exactly the same size.

For sizes 2T and below, cut 1.5" in and 3" down.
For sizes 3T and 4T, cut 2" in and 4" down.

Cut the 1/2" elastic into two pieces.
Cut two 26" pieces of bias tape.


Fold the top two edges of the pillowcase 1/4 inch to the inside and press. Then fold down another 3/4" to the inside and press. This is the casing for the elastic.


Using about 10 stitches per inch, stitch down the casing on both top edges. Attach a safety pin or a bodkin to one end of the elastic and thread it through the casing. Stitch across the open ends of the casing, being sure to catch the elastic in the seam to keep the elastic from coming out.

Notice that the bias tape is folded so that one side is wider than the other. Be sure that the narrow side is always on top. This ensures that both edges are caught when you stitch.

Fold the 26" length of bias tape in half and mark at the fold. Unfold it and place the mark at the seam of the armhole. Slip the edge of the armhole into the fold of the bias tape and pin in place all the way around. Stitch around the armhole and the entire length of the bias tape. Repeat for the other armhole. Tie a knot in the end of the bias tape.

The ties make the dress adjustable. That's it! You're done! I read on a website that done is better than perfect! I agree.


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