Sunday, May 6, 2007

Moving on

Lady Jane Grey Anjo died March 31, 2007 after a brief illness and seven years of much love and affection as well as many health problems like heart worms, a broken leg, seizures and pancriatitis. She was the most lovable and loving Italian Greyhound I have ever met. Yes, she quivered a lot, but that was her reaction to chill air and new situations, and she was never completely potty trained but we meshed and accepted each others' quirks. I miss her every day.

Jane was rescued from a college student who had two other IGs. He never gave her heart worm pills hence the heart worm treatments she had to have when she came to me. He never potty trained her or let her cuddle under the covers or take her for a walk on a leash. When she came to me I took her to the local vet and he said that I should take her back to where I got her as she was going to be an expensive gimme dog. I brought her home and wondered what to do when my son came home from his job on his lunch hour to see her. After laughng at her way of slinking around on an inspection tour I told him what the vet said. He looked at me with a stricken look and said I couldn't take her back as I was in the business of rescuing. I didn't get the reference until I understood that he was essentially a rescue from South Korea at the age of six (though I think he really rescued me) and that our last dog was one day from being put to sleep at the ASPCA when we got her.

Now I am put in the situation of being a rescuer again. A beautiful male Daschund has become avaiable locally. His name is Lance which is so descriptive of his quick rocket-like running. He was found as a stray with a harness that was so tight that it cut into his skin. He has been in a kennel for about three months and with a foster family for the past month. He's all red and a complete devil. He came for a meet and greet yesterday. In the length of about 30 minutes he made it past the barrier to the second floor, found and hid about four bones and got into my knitting. My son's dogs that I have been baby-sitting (see previous post for a picture of them) did a lot of sniffing and tail wagging so I think it will work out.

Although I am still grieving from Jane, I think Lance needs a real home and I hope it all works out. I think I'm going to be pretty busy over the next few days making sure he understands how to use the doggie door and which things are not toys. Wish me luck.

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