Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I always get a little maudlin on Mother's Day. Not that I do not have the most perfect child ( and I do) but that it was a completly arbitrary decision that added him to my life. My husband (now ex-husband) and I had applied to adopt a child from South Korea. When our name came up on the list there were four children to be placed - a set of four year old twin boys, a nine month old girl and a six year-old boy. The six year old, who later proved to be eight years old, liked arithmetic and was performing spectacularly at the orphanage by adding three digit numbers. I worked at a bank and the social worker thought it would be a good mix - mathemetician and banker - its all numbers right?

We did have our adjustment problems and on one memorable occasion he decided to walk back to South Korea. Some how I convinced him that we were stuck with each other and we would just have to work harder to figure out this mother/son business. He agreed to try and I promised that I would always give him a reason for my decisions even if he thought it wasn't fair. He tried very hard and I became very creative so I wouldn't have to say 'because I said so'.

I can't take much credit for how Paul turned into the incredible man he is today as his basic character was formed well before we met. I know I have benefitted immensely from our relationship and I believe we will continue to grow together as the years go on. So here's to you, Paul , but for you I would be spending Mother's Day remembering my mother rather than enjoying your company.

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